Dubai 2012! (not yet)

Travel Box Destination: Dubai
Travel Month/Year: tbd

At our wedding, Dubai was the very first destination we pulled from our travel box.  This is a trip we are to take in our 2nd year of marriage… (since year 1 was our honeymoon) To be quite honest, Dubai was an exotic vacation spot we thought we’d like to get around too… down the line.  But that our travel box fate had other plans apparently by putting it in first place.

Where the heck is Dubai you wonder?  Dubai is a city in the middle east aka United Arab Emirates.  It appealed to me because it was known as the Vegas of the Middle East.  And the Sex in the City 2 gal trip there made it appealing too.

We soon discovered our travel box and trip planning tools didn’t necessarily mesh with the best trip fares.  After a reality check from life, we realized the best way to manage our travel box is to plan it out with the best airfare deals.  So stay tuned as we perfect that!

However, some pals of ours Nancy and Danielle were so gracious enough to travel to Dubai for a conference in our place.  :o) They will perhaps share some highlights at some point.

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