So what was IN our travel box?

Curious about all the trips we plan to take?  Well here is a list of the places we tucked away ever so hopefully in our travel box (with a couple extras thrown in for good measure):

  1. Carribean: Bahamas (Honeymoon)
  2. San Diego – upcoming
  3. Brazil
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Australia
  6. Japan
  7. Hong Kong
  8. London, England
  9. Paris, France – upcoming
  10. Argentina
  11. Colorado
  12. Hawaii
  13. Florida
  14. Jamaica
  15. Cruise
  16. Backpacking through Europe
  17. Spain
  18. Italy
  19. Road trip across entire U.S.
  20. Dubai – complete!
  21. Thailand
  22. Canada
  23. Grand Canyon
  24. Niagara Falls
  25. Egypt
  26. Fiji
  27. Las Vegas

Please note these are places we will travel as a married couple.  We have both been to Europe before but never together.  I think Europe will be a little sweeter of a visit going there as a couple.  Especially Paris – the city of love. 🙂

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